DQE One, Data Quality accessible to all business lines

A modular Data Quality Management solution that meets and adapts to all your needs.


The guarantee of lasting,essential customer data

Customer data is omnipresent in our lives: cell phones, social media, IoT, CRM, ERP, marketing, the works.

The data companies capture is overwhelming... But often under-leveraged, incomplete or even totally incorrect. Uncontrolled and low-quality data can disorganize any company, risking major opportunities for growth. Customer data needs to be the point of synergy of all a company’s processes.

It is absolutely critical to guarantee the data is reliable and accessible to all, at all times.


Reliable data, accessible to all your business lines

The DQE One solution is for all departments leveraging customer data. Providing high-quality data ensures confidence in every decision.

Marketing & Sales

Optimized segmentation to foster customer loyalty and encourage more sales.

Customer Relations & CRM

Improving customer knowledge and satisfaction.


Support to Data Compliance or GDPR processes within the organization.


Creating a superior customer experience to impact conversion rates.


Mastering ambiguous and outdated data to develop a data-driven culture.


DQE One, 2 product ranges adapted to your needs

DQE One includes all DQE’s customer Data Quality Management solutions DQE. DQE One enables you to process data with high quality in real time across all customer information input forms and confirm the integrity of customer data in your existing databases.

DQE One has 4 main features


Facilitating the capture of customer data from different touchpoints (E-Commerce Platform, CRM, ERP, Point of Sale, etc.).

Standardization and reliability ensurance

Optimizing data quality by standardizing and guaranteeing its integrity in the databases already implemented in your company. *

B2C: qualification of personal data with information such as the telephone activity check, obtaining rectification of the postal address from the customer’s operator.

B2B: retrieving information from INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) type databases.


Identifying duplicates and building a “Golden Record” to provide departments with consolidated data and a 360° vision.

Implementation of configurable merging rules enabling the golden record to contain all the important information from potential or existing duplicates.

Data entry

The Golden Record can be redistributed to other departments in the company to benefit their departmental activity

Thanks to the DQE technology, we have access to a very interesting quality of results. This performance allows us to correctly measure data quality within the BPCE group and all its banking establishments.

Antoine Mantelier Head of Group Data Management - BPCE

DQE helps us to overcome many problems in the field, from the adoption of a data culture by field staff to the dynamic capture of customer knowledge by dealerships.

Joris Dulac CRM Manager - Autobernard.com

According to an internal survey, DQE is THE solution that 83% of our sales people can no longer do without. In addition, since we started using DQE's solutions, the deliverability rate of our marketing campaigns has increased from 91% to 98.9to 98.9% in 2022.

Ivelina Burden Director of Organization and Process - Rossel Advertising France

The ease of implementation of the DQE solutions, the project and acceptance went well, the quality of the exchanges between our integrator and the DQE project manager was optimal.

Alain Wacquet IS Manager - Cafés Privilèges

"Since we’ve been using DQE’s real-time data entry qualification, we’ve seen a 20 to 25% decrease in the abandonment rate at online account creation.”

Edward Tabet Web Domain Manager - Groupe Atlantic

Thanks to the DQE solution,25,000 email addresses invalidated in the past by ISP servers that were no longer responding could be requalified as existing and reachable. Bip&Go was able to to re-establish contact with these customers, propose new offers and generate additional revenue.

Michael Bouyer Data Protection Project Manager - Bip&Go

With DQE, postal address input help has reduced the time spent by our customers on the Royal Canin website form by 20%. The result is a better experience at this strategic stage in the purchasing funnel, and a 5% higher conversion rate.

Charles Nicolas E-Commerce and Digital Transformation Lead - Royal Canin

Within a few months of the deployment of the DQE entry assistance, our vendors have entered into the database complete and verified data of 20% more additional customers, meeting our recruitment objectives.

Ludivine Jallet CIO - Pacific Pêche

DQE is a must-have to restore the quality of a customer database and maintain it in real time. In emailing campaigns, it insures solving the problem of bounces on ISP servers.

Marion Camurat Head of Marketing - ZAION

DQE allows us to know the real proportion of duplicates in our database, to deduplicate them and to find the exact number of customers present in the database - fundamental information for the Hess Automobile e-commerce project.

Simon Amaniera Group Chief Digital Officer, Hess Automobile

DQE helps our customers enter their shipping and contact information quickly and easily. This seamless experience drives conversion rates, and controlled entries ensure smooth delivery and addressing operations.

Nicolas Ferré Product Manager - Kusmi Tea

DQE allows us to have a unified and qualified customer data, a prerequisite to apply our targeting rules on a controlled basis. Our emailing campaigns have now increased deliverability with a 99% rate, but also a better opening rate.

Victoire Lausdat CRM Manager - IZAC

Equipping ourselves with DQE One not only makes it possible to establish the priority given to data quality at Autobernard throughout the group, but also to make all the teams in the field more responsible.

Joris Dulac CRM Manager - Autobernard.com

DQE has enabled us to eliminate duplicates on almost 20% of the company files in our Salesforce CRM tool, and maintains our unified customer repository, including the integration of new databases. Harvest thus centralizes customer knowledge as it expands through acquisitions

Cédric Letellier CRM Manager, Harvest

DQE One allows me to create the ideal 360° view of a contact, consolidating all data in a simple and efficient way. Without DQE, I could not guarantee the reliability of our UCR, as the technology stack in place did not allow us to detect duplicates efficiently.

Joris Dulac CRM Manager - Autobernard.com

We were looking for a Data Quality Client solution that exactly met the expected functionalities (cleansing and merging), that was technically robust and that I could master - that's exactly what I found with DQE One!

Joris Dulac CRM Manager - Autobernard.com

"DQE has been integrated into our scoring engine for almost a year. Over the period, we have halved the fraud rate and maintained it at its lowest level, while our customer base has more than doubled."

Olivier Thierry Co-founder and CTO - mobile.club

Thanks to DQE, all our external communications are "clean", we reach real and reachable email addresses.

Vattana Chhay CRM & data manager - FITNESS PARK

In addition to the robustness of DQE technology, the team makes all the difference. There are real technical experts who truly understand the business challenges and use-cases. Our Data Quality project is running perfectly.

Vattana Chhay CRM & data manager - FITNESS PARK

DQE One, the leader in Data Quality

The reference solution for Data Quality

Data Quality, a universal issue for customer data

In the company's databases, contact information from multiple sources pile up. With data entry errors, incorrect contact information, or gaps in information, the customer database must be qualified and then maintained throughout the data life cycle so it can be used as a reliable repository.

Processing of customer data in the database

DQE One offers a complete range of functionalities for the reliability and standardization of all types of contact data. This ensures your company maintains data quality at the heart of its database and can take advantage of data management best practices.

Reliability of incoming flows

Collecting customer data should not be done at the expense of the quality of the data stored in the database! To avoid spoiling a clean database, DQE One allows you to apply a real-time control of entries thanks to a standardized autocompletion, also available to your customers who enter their own data. DQE One guarantees the data collected is immediately usable in your data system environments.

Unification of customer records

It doesn’t matter if your information system has connections to various customer data sources. DQE One gives you the means to identify duplicates and merge all the information of a single customer. This unified view opens up a smart third-dimension in your data management so you can leverage customer data for the benefit of your business, your operational staff, and your decisionmakers.

DQE One, high-level data quality

Whatever the volume of customer data in your company, DQE One brings you to the forefront of data quality. As the most complete data quality management offering, it corrects and maintains the quality of your databases, controls your incoming flows in real time and performs a smart reconciliation of customer information. DQE One provides the foundation for reliable and unified customer data, without which various data services cannot fully leverage customer data.